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Welcome to my web page. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised in San Jose Tapaz, Capiz, a town about 48 miles from Roxas and Iloilo city. Both of my parents were supportive and disciplinary. They helped me develop interests in business. The majority of my youth and young adulthood was spent helping my parents in our family business, and in my spare time I played basketball and other sports with my friends. 
My personal interests overlap a great deal with those of my family members.  I'm very close to my mother (Rebecca) and my father (Elizer). After graduating from Iloilo National High School, several factors influenced my decision to continue my college education in John B Lacson Colleges Foundation, including: the affordability, the opportunity for a good salary after finishing my degree, and the prospect of having most of my friends attend the same college.
JOHN B Lacson was definitely the right choice for me, and my college experiences were excellent. I really enjoyed being a member of various organizations. I was elected as Red Cross President for the entire college and was given a service medal award when I graduated.
I finished my degree in BSMT at JBLCF and was able to work overseas 8 months after I graduated. After three years of work in the ship I was able to pass my 3rd mate licensure exam.
From there, I was promoted as a navigating officer, a year after I was able to secure my 2nd mate license. Working in the ship where I had the chance to see the world for “free” was a great experience; but, on the other side, I was thousands of miles away from home.
On September 15, 2000 I was married to my wife, Jemyma Molleno, from Ungka II Pavia Iloilo. She was my classmate from high school .  She finished her nursing degree in West Visayas State University. She practiced her degree in Iloilo Doctors hospital. Two years after we were married, we were blessed with a baby girl named Elleana Kate.
Since we had a baby, our lives changed quite a bit! It was really hard for me to be so far from home all the time. My wife had been planning to come here to the United States since she graduated college and with God’s blessing and the help of my in-laws her dream became a reality in August of 2003 when she was able to get a job here in the US through an agency. It was at this time that I was faced with a major life decision; I was already established in my chosen career and worked especially hard for all my training and Licenses to get well positioned rather quickly. It was at this point where I realized how much a priority it was for me to raise a family and not be away from my wife. It was not without challenges, but we were able to get settled in our new home.
We currently live in beautiful Beaufort, South Carolina because the agency sent my wife to work here in a local hospital. Living in this area is amazing because this place is surrounded by water.
Working at New York Life is another milestone in my life. I don’t have a degree in business but I was born and raised helping my parents in our family business. It seems that business and being of service runs through my blood. My career in financial industry gives me the opportunity and the responsibility to stay educated in the matters relating to finance and insurance that affect my clients, and fortunately New York Life has an incredible education process and encourages my professional growth.  I am licensed in and have business operations in several states because I am committed to providing excellent service to my clients regardless of the state they live in. It is my desire to share any knowledge that I have learned to help you and your family be aware so you can make decisions in an informed manner which may lead to a prosperous financial position here in the U.S I am always so happy to know of and assist in the great success my fellow countrymen and woman are having in this great land of opportunity. It would be my great pleasure to speak with you regarding your finances or any other area of assistance you may need, “if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do my best to find it for you!”





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